ZT-E25 Drone
The ZT-E25 UAV platform adopts a composite wing overall layout of a fixed wing and a four-rotor, and solves the problem of vertical take-off and landing of fixed-wing UAVs in a simple and reliable way. It has the characteristics of long flight time, high speed and long distance of fixed-wing UAVs and the vertical take-off and landing functions of rotary-wing UAVs.


Product Description

The vertical take-off and landing mode of ZT-E25 greatly enhances the environmental adaptability of the modified UAV platform. It can be operated smoothly in complex terrain and densely built areas such as mountains, hills, and jungles, greatly expanding the scope of UAV applications and making it an ideal choice for industrial-grade UAVs.

This ZT-E25 drone has the following features and advantages:


a) Practical and efficient: It has the characteristics of long flight time, fast speed, long distance and large load of fixed-wing UAV;


b) Vertical take-off and landing: It has the take-off and landing method of a rotary-wing UAV, which greatly reduces the requirements for take-off and landing sites and airspace;


c) Low cost of use: no need for complex and bulky launch and recovery equipment, no need to add additional recovery sensors;


d) Easy to operate: Integrating a specialized flight control and navigation system, the entire flight is fully autonomous. The operator only needs to send the flight plan, and no professional training or operating experience is required;


e) The system is compact: no complex auxiliary equipment is required, and transportation, deployment, maintenance, and removal are simple.


Wing Span


Max Take-Off Weight



1900mm*450mm (L*H)

Max Load


Max Flying Time

200min (No Load)

Flying Time with Load

180min with 3kg Load or 90min with 10kg Load

Cruising Speed

22-28m/s (80-100km/h)

Max Flying Altitude


IP Protection Grade


Working Temperature



6S-38000mAh*2   6S-44000mAh*2   

Max Wind Resistance

12m/s (Force 6 Wind)


The ZT-E25 drone can be equipped with payload equipment such as photoelectric pods, high-definition image transmission links, high-definition aerial survey cameras, and oblique photography cameras. It is widely used in military and police reconnaissance, border patrol, oil and gas pipeline inspection, power inspection, forest firefighting, Surveying and mapping and other industries.


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