UAV Signal Jamming Tower
The radio jammer uses high-gain omnidirectional radio frequency interference technology to emit high-power radio frequency interference signals to detected suspicious targets, paralyzing the drone's satellite navigation, wireless remote control and wireless image transmission links, and realizing forced return, forced landing and eviction. Wait for counter-effects.


Product Description

Intervening distanceOpen area 3000m, urban environment ≤2000m
Performance advantages1. Good interference effect - it can accurately counter-interference the commonly used frequency bands of drones such as 900M, 1.5G, 2.4G, 5.8GHz, etc. simultaneously or independently, with good interference effect.

2. Long interference distance - the interference distance can reach 3 kilometers in unobstructed open areas on flat ground, and the interference distance in urban environments can reach 2 kilometers.

3. Fast response speed - the response time is < 4 seconds. After detecting the drone, it can quickly carry out interference and countermeasures to protect airspace safety.

4. Strong scalability - interference frequency bands and power can be added according to customer requirements. The UAV detection system can be integrated to support networking work.

Expansion capabilitiesIt can expand and integrate detection systems such as radio detection systems and UAV detection radars to achieve integrated UAV detection and countermeasures, and supports single machine work and multiple equipment networking work.
ApplicationRadio jammers are suitable for low-altitude protection in important areas such as military and police forces, power plants, petroleum and petrochemicals, aviation airports, public security and justice, supervision sites and other fields. It can be deployed as a single device or used in a network to interfere with and counterattack drones entering the defense area.


Product nameSignal shielding tower
Operating moderadio interference
Interference band900MHZ, 2.4G, 5.8G, GPS
Interference distanceOpen area 3KM, urban environment ≤2KM
Interference linkGPSGLONASSBeidou satellite navigation link
AntennaHigh gain omnidirectional 8 channels
Interference with work methodsOmnidirectional interference
Response time<4 seconds


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