Backpack Anti-Drone System
The UAV countermeasure system is designed as a backpack, which is easier to carry, convenient for rapid deployment, and can be operated by a single person. The device has a built-in large-capacity battery that can last for more than 1 hour. The single channel has high power and the operating distance exceeds 1.5 kilometers. It can effectively control all low-altitude multi-rotor drones on the market. Once the equipment is activated, the remote control of the drone will be disabled, the captured images and videos cannot be transmitted back, and the GNSS navigation system will lose the signal, completely cutting off the drone and the The remote control can effectively prevent drones from entering the defense zone and ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace.


Product Description

Intervening distanceUsing high-gain directional antenna, the operating distance can reach 1500 meters.
Performance advantages1. Multi-band countermeasures - can interfere with 433, 2.4G, 5.1G, 5.8G frequency bands and GNSS global satellite positioning system

2. Strike more accurately - using high-gain directional antennas to concentrate energy and strike targets more accurately.

3. Long countermeasures distance - the equipment emits high-power interference signals in the same frequency band to suppress the drone control signals, and the interference distance can reach 1500 meters.

4. Flexible and portable - The device adopts a backpack design, is highly maneuverable and is not restricted by any terrain environment. It can be flexibly deployed in all areas that need to prevent drone intrusion.

5. Multiple action modes - the device can choose from multiple action modes, allowing the drone to forcefully return home, make an emergency landing, hover, and interfere with image transmission.

6. Strong battery life - Built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery, which can last for more than 1 hour and can be used with charging equipment to ensure long-term use.

Expansion capabilitiesThe interference frequency band can be expanded, and the radio detection system can also be integrated to realize integrated design of detection and attack.
ApplicationsThe equipment adopts a backpack design and can be quickly deployed to important places in public security, power systems, anti-terrorism fields, military locations, aviation airports, prison guards, event sites and other fields.


Product nameBackpack anti-drone system
Interference bandGPS, 2.4G, 5.1G, 5.8G, GNSS and 433 frequency band
Interference distanceOpen land ≥1500 meters
Antenna typeHigh gain directional antenna
Antenna angle60 degrees
Power supplyBuilt-in rechargeable battery
Operating hours≥1 hour
Single channel power20W
Operating temperature-20°C~+55°C
Relative humidity80%RH


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